kathy vong
2D Artist and Designer

Serial Box

Serial Box: your source for serial fiction.

Why buy an audiobook or ebook when you can have both? Science fiction, fantasy, drama, thriller, mystery, and more all in the palm of your hand. With episodes ranging between 20-60min in length, Serial Box is perfect for listening or reading on the go.

In my Typography II class, we were tasked with redesigning specific screens in an app called “Serial Box.”

The original screens were inconsistent, and the visual identity did not lend itself well to the purpose of the app. It was dark—black with red accents—and did not feel fresh, new, or modern.

To help it keep up with the times, I opted to focus the visuals around a blue/purple gradient with white text for contrast. There is an onboarding that walks you through the app, grid and card layout options for serials, and more.

Click through the working Invision prototype to see how the screens progress. Since we only had to design specific screens, there are some gaps, but I made transitions between them the best I could!