kathy vong
2D Artist and Designer
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ECHO is a music venue designed to accommodate more than one music experience at a time. Accompanying the venue, is an app that helps facilitate social interaction within the venue. This allows visitors to attend concerts, discover new music and interact with people of similar or different musical interests.

We wanted to solve a problem through the use of a physical space with an app that works in tandem with this space to facilitate an experience.

Team: Efren Martinez, Bianca Srivastava, Victoria Ranieri
Invision Prototype available.


We interviewed musicians and friends in order to get a better grasp of what issues people were having with the Austin music scene, discovering music, and experiencing music. Many sticky notes were used.

The problem we decided to tackle was how to cater experiences to a wide variety of people with different tastes. The local music scene is very spread out, so we thought that condensing everything into one venue could solve the solution. A multi-tiered venue with adjustable floor plans where more than one artist can perform on any given day. An app can facilitate an experience that can also bring people with similar interests together and create a space where people can bond over music.