kathy vong
2D Artist and Designer


BeVote is designed to help you prepare to vote.

Voting allows you to contribute to something larger than yourself. Whether you are a new voter or an experienced one, BeVote can help. The app contains information you will need, such as when and where you can vote, what to bring, how to prepare, and how to encourage your friends to vote as well!

Role: UX Intern
Collaborator: Mona Mishra


User flow

Initial style guide

Artboard 1.png


I designed a few possible icons for the app. I wanted to convey to a potential user that the app was about voting. Through imagery such as a piece of paper and a checkmark (a ballot) and flag colors (red, white and blue), I wanted to get the idea of voting across to a potential user. These icons were created based on the preferences of the client. The wordmark was designed by Mona.



This was the icon selected by the client. Because we were on a tight schedule, as a team, we thought it’d be best if we focused our efforts on designing all the individual screens for the app in order to launch the app as soon as possible before the next election.