kathy vong
2D Artist and Designer

Sky Deck

Sky Deck


Collaborator: Will Kuglen
Role: Brainstorm, Create Visual Mockup

The problem:

At the time, there weren’t many spaces where students could comfortably sit outside. To fully understand just what our campus had to offer, we put on our big-people pants and went on an adventure, exploring our campus and walking through the most obscure locations. I think at some point, I went into a building I wasn’t supposed to. Exhilarating.

However, despite our fun adventures, we found a place of interest closer to home: the art building. Interestingly, the art building was designed in a way to prevent people from gathering outside. The roof of the art building acts as a space where students typically spray their work with fixatives (or at least, that’s what the space was originally intended for). It also leads students to the graduate student studios, so it could be a great place for students to gather and comfortably sit, work on homework, eat, and other similar relaxing activities. However, it’s basically the prime location for secretly smoking during breaks during and between classes.

There are signs saying that smoking isn’t allowed, but people do it anyway. In fact, I once burned holes into a bunch of paper for a project up there. Eventually, I learned that spraying is now prohibited up there as well—a new change in rules.

Very easy to ignore signs pictured below.

The solution

By adding greenery and more seating options to the roof, the Sky Deck can become a comfortable space outdoors where people can comfortably gather. To illustrate this (pun intended), I painted in plants to mock up how the space could potentially look while Will created a floor plan and vinyl sticker promotion mockup on the art building elevator.